iProcess™ Mobile Card Terminal for Androids, iPhones & iPads

SaleManager, the providers of the Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway, is proud to offer iProcess™: an innovative mobile payments processing solution that provides you the flexibility and convenience to accept credit card payments while using your Android phones or tablets, as well as iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad mobile devices.

iProcess™ can be used by merchants in either of two ways:

1. Manually key in transactions using the “ATM” like interface

2. Physically swipe transactions through the Magtek iDynamo™ or ID Tech Shuttle™ card reader. Merchants using a card reader can qualify for lower “retail” discount rates.

iProcess™ is compatible with the mobile devices listed below. Android users can download the iProcess app for free from the “Google Play” store, while Apple users can download the iProcess app for free from the “iTunes App Store”.

Android supported device list
iPhone™ 3G/3GS/4/4S
iPod Touch™

iProcess™ features:

  • iProcess works through an extensive coverage area provided by WIFI, 3G/4G, or EDGE.
  • Manually “Key” transactions into the software, or, swipe transactions at retail rates using the Magtek iDynamo™ or ID Tech Shuttle™.
  • Both the iDynamo & the Shuttle swipe solution are hardware encrypted for customer data security.
  • Add multiple merchant ID’s inside iProcess™.
  • Geotag the location on receipt.
  • Capture Digital Signatures.
  • Add tips if needed.
  • Receipts can be printed, or sent to customers via email or SMS.
  • Perform full or partial refunds via “Transaction History Log”.
  • Application is free to download and no additional per transaction fees apply (default monthly gateway fees do apply, please discuss with your account manager).

iProcess™ Hardware:

All mobile card readers are fully encrypted to protect your customer’s sensitive payment data. Don’t use a competitor’s card reader that is not encrypted and easily hacked.

  • Apple mobile devices use the Magtek iDynamo reader (shown above right). No cables or batteries are required for the iDynamo. Watch the iDynamo in action in the video below!
  • Android mobile devices use the ID Tech Shuttle™ (shown on the right, colors vary). The Shuttle™ plugs into your Android’s audio jack, requires no cables or batteries, and consumes little battery life.

For more information regarding our Apple app visit http://www.planetauthorize.net/iphone.html and for more information regarding our free Android app visit http://www.planetauthorize.net/googleandroid.html .

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